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Irish Conservatives Forum

Please see the new Irish Conservatives discussion forum: Advertisements

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They Hate Us

Servant of the Chief is back after a long absence: They hate you because you are Christian and your ancestors are Christian, specifically Catholic, and they hate you for spreading the faith all over the world. They hate you because … Continue reading

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Cultural Marxism 101

It’s impossible to understand what has happened in Ireland over the last 25 years without a basic grasp of Cultural Marxism. There are several books and videos on Youtube that pertain to the subject. If, however, you don’t have time … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Doctor of Common Sense

Yesterday I learned that Ireland has its own Doctor of Commonsense, The Don: I highly recommend his work.  We need 10,000 more like him if we are going to save our country from the cancer of globalism.

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Hello Fellow Trumpies

Please leave a comment here if you would like to connect with fellow Irish Trumpies.  Comment moderation is on and I am busy at the moment so please be patient.

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